Renewable plastics: important component in the development of the Bio-Economy

"Green Economy" calls for the maximum use of renewable raw materials. Although the oil-based chemical and plastics industry represents only a fraction (<5%) in the global oil consumption, it is important that the plastics manufacturers and processors develop high quality and durable raw materials based on renewable materials. This innovation will not be happen on short term; it take several decades to bring the bio-based economy to full development.

Quantifying the ecological impact is a very sensitive issue. Due to the massive hype marketers jump on "green" themes. Thus, often misleading information is disseminated. The objectives of the project Change2Bio are as follows:

  • describe international developments
  • process and interpret information in function of the target industry
  • organize network events between the target industry and the entire "bio-polymer value chain"
  • encourage the audience to participate in collective and European research
  • partnerships
  • inform and guide individual initiatives related to the use of renewable plastics 


The target group

Change2Bio addresses the entire value chain of renewable plastics (from farmer to end user).The primary target industry are plastic processors (compounders, melt processors, producers of composites) and companies that are responsible for the further processing steps (presses, assembly, coating, dyeing, printing ...). Further, information is collected and spread among product developers and end users of novel bio-based products.